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CS Foundation Mission: To create a career path for young and middle aged adults with a disability to learn office assistant tasks that will increase employment sustainability and inclusion in the workplace.

Beach Travel & What to Expect

We were thinking about going to Miramar Beach, Florida. We started looking for condominiums close to the beach so I could experience the sounds of the waves. We found some condominiums that were across from the beach with a bathhouse and a wheelchair ramp going into the sand. There was a decked platform before you got to the bottom of the ramp, where a person with a physical disability could sit and listen to the ocean without getting on the sand.

We stayed in a condominium called the Summer Breeze. The condo was fairly wheelchair accessible with minor problems. There was a narrow bathroom doorway that made it challenging to navigate a wheelchair and no roll-in shower. My mom had to lift my bath chair in the bathtub when I took a shower. She decided to adapt to the bathroom issues because it was the ideal location. We decided to make reservations at that condo.

When we got to Miramar, my mom got some groceries that we could eat at the condo. Everything went as planned and we had a great time!

I like to go gambling so we decided to stop in Kinder, Louisiana at the Grand Casino Coushatta before we went to Miramar. We stayed at the Seven Clans Hotel and we booked two beds in a handicapped accessible room because there is usually one bed in those rooms.

Side note, before you book a room be sure to ask the hotel manager if two beds and an accessible shower for a person with a disability are in the handicapped room.

I think that you should do research about what your family member's needs are before you get on the road. Always get the number to where you are staying so you can check-in to see if they still have your reservations.

Written by:

Douglas Winkler

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