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CS Foundation Mission: To create a career path for young and middle aged adults with a disability to learn office assistant tasks that will increase employment sustainability and inclusion in the workplace.

A Game that People with Disabilities could Play

Game requirements:

The ability to drag items and to left click on the screen.

For many years, I searched the internet for games I could play. Many of the games had timers and I knew those games wouldn’t work for me, so I kept looking on the internet. I finally found a website that had games without timers, the website is called

Big Fish Games have games to play on your PC, MAC, Mobile Device, Ipad or on the Big Fish website

. If you join their club, it’s $6.99 per month verses paying $13.99 for every game. I have been told if you download a game verses playing on the website, you can’t get viruses on your computer. All of the download games don’t have any viruses. There are several categories of games, the one I like is called “Hidden Objects”. These games have a beautiful background, so you get immersed in playing them.

I hope these games help you pass the time during this difficult situation we are in right now.

This article is written by Douglas Winkler

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