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CS Foundation Mission: To create a career path for young and middle aged adults with a disability to learn office assistant tasks that will increase employment sustainability and inclusion in the workplace.

-Upcoming Events-

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-Past Events-

Aging with a Disability: Embracing Life's Expected Transitions
Presenters and Schedule
Friday, November 4th, 2022
The Work Lodge at Vintage Park- 118 Vintage Park BLVD, Houston, TX 77070









Eneatra Allison-Anderson

Presentation Topic: Waiver Programs: 

I'm a mom of four sons and one of my sons is on the Autism Spectrum. I have an undergrad in psychology. My passion is providing information and resources to families in order to improve their lives.




Astou (Star) Mbacke

Presentation Topic: Availability and Options of Health Insurance (10:00am-10:50am)

Having attained three degrees including a Bachelors in Psychology in addition to a Master's in Business and another in Counseling, Astou Star traveled across the globe from the US to China with a mission to help people. Though travels presented her with career opportunities, she found greater purpose in life lessons. With experience in several industries, she gravitates toward how she can contribute to society by educating, volunteerism, and philanthropy. Always an entrepreneur enthusiast, she takes pride in being able to help others understand what benefits can be afforded to them and how to attain them. In her free time, Astou Star enjoys reading and watching movies.




Kelsey Tomiello

Presentation Topic: Executive Functioning Skills (11:00am-11:50am)

I started out doing ABA therapy for non-verbal 3-4 year old's but have spent the past 9 years working with adults on the Autism Spectrum. In addition to job coaching, I work on a variety of skills with young adults such as story writing, independent living skills, healthy living essentials, and navigating the community.  I also plan outings for individuals with intellectual or developmental disabilities and attend graduate school at Arizona State University. 






Brittane Brown 

Presentation Topic: Therapy Services & Medicaid Waivers (1:00pm-1:50pm)

My name is Brittane Brown, and I am the Clinic Director for Therapies + Therapies, a multidisciplinary therapy provider that specializes in curated, convenient, and inclusive therapies delivered by vetted therapists for prevention, rehabilitation, and wellness solutions. One of our many specialties is providing therapy to individuals with abilities on Medicaid/Waivers.


David Edwards

Presentation Topic: Affordable housing: Furnished Room Rentals (2:00-2:50pm)

David Edwards entered the real estate game in 2019 with the purchase of his first single family home. Unbeknownst to him during the year of Covid this home became a strip club and taught Dave many valuable lessons the biggest ones being the need for increased control and access and that pink spraypaint really does go with everything. This led to the pivot from single family rentals to room rentals which provides increased security and access as well as a cash flow 10x that of a typical single family rental. Now Dave drives a Tesla paid for by 1 rental (When his wife let's him) and is forced to spend time on holiday corporate retreats in order to reduce tax liabilities. 




Summer Mbacke

Presentation Topic: Discovering Your Personality Style (3:00pm-3:50pm)

Summer Rokh is an Image Consultant and Personal Shopper who studied at the Fashion Institute of Technology in New York City. Combining service with style, her mission is to help everyone identify how style can provide the perfect introduction, and lasting impression.  Summer is hoping to shine a light on underserved communities and in unconventional spaces.








Andrew Hoang, Self Advocate, Chrysalis Spectrum Volunteer

I was born and raised in Houston.  I am a responsible person and take school and work very seriously.  In the Fall of 2014, I became part of the PATHS Program at Texas A&M where I trained to be a professional in Human Services.  During this time, I did my internship at two day-hab centers for people with intellectual disabilities and learned how to be a direct care provider.   In 2016 I attended the Lone Star College LifePath program (A four-year comprehensive model of post-secondary educational program for students who have disabilities) to pursue a certificate in animal care. I’ve started working as self-advocate ambassador for our Chrysalis Spectrum Foundation since June 2020. I love country music and enjoy outdoor activities like fishing and camping.


Dr. Alisa Elliot 

Presentation Topic: Job Skills for Working Remotely (9:00am-9:50am)

Dr. Alisa Elliot is a special needs sibling and an advocate for vulnerable populations with a robust professional background in nonprofits and businesses that assist individuals who are disable or aging. She has worked with families in their home for over 25 years, created annual events for Autism Awareness, and published articles 6 Tips for Finding a Good Caregiver, 5 Things Parents Should Know Before Moving Their Child into a Group Home, and 5 Things Siblings of Adults with Developmental Disabilities Should Know. Dr. Elliot also created a life skills course about transitioning to living on your own and published research on voluntary turnover in the nonprofit sector. Dr. Elliot is the owner of Chrysalis Spectrum and Chrysalis Spectrum Foundation.​

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