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CS Foundation Mission: To create a career path for young and middle aged adults with a disability to learn office assistant tasks that will increase employment sustainability and inclusion in the workplace.

Need to communicate? Try the Echo Show

Updated: Oct 15, 2020

The Echo Show tablet provides you access to see some valuable information that you can use towards helping people with disabilities. My first topic is how the Echo Show tablet provides you access to see and communicate with your loved one when you cannot physically be with them.

The Echo Show is beneficial when you want to communicate with a person with a disability or see an elderly family member. Operating the tablet is pretty easy and it only has two buttons: green to talk and red to end the call. The person using the tablet can talk into it or use sign language to communicate. When guests visit, they can see how it works. Your friends will definitely want to see it and decide if the tablet would be a good fit for your family to purchase an Echo Show for their family member. Eventually, your friends will tell their friends and it will go viral across the U.S. and to other countries. Believe, me they’ll thank you for it!

The Echo Show can be used in various places: the office, at home, in a residential facility, group home, independent living facility and skilled nursing. New parents may enjoy having the tablet in their baby’s room to check on them or parents can use it to sing lullabies. The tablet can also go beside a person with a disability bedside so they will never feel alone and can hear when their loved one announce that they’re on the way.

Many times, people don’t realize what tools are available to help with communicating to their loved one. We all can make a difference in each person with a disability life. We can provide their family with knowledge about what tools are available to help with communicating. Many people with disabilities do not have anyone who can advocate for them. Some family members who do assist may not have access to additional help or know about recent communicative tools.

Hopefully, the information that I have provided will benefit people who need assistive devices and want to access their family members who live far away or in a setting where they cannot receive visitors due to the current health crisis. Click here to visit the Echo Show for additional details about the tablet.

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