CS Foundation Mission: To enhance the lives of teens and adults with disabilities, their families, and caregivers by promoting self-advocacy and opportunities for community inclusion and independent living.

About Us

Chrysalis Spectrum Foundation is a 501c3 organization that assists individuals with disabilities by promoting self-advocacy, inclusion, and opportunities to people with disabilities, their families, and caregivers. The organization was formed in late 2019 with the hopes of encouraging individuals by teaching self-advocacy, virtual jobs and training, and financial assistance to caregivers. 

When COVID-19 changed all of our lives in March, Chrysalis Spectrum Foundation's founders, Alisa and Donald Elliot decided to create programs to reach the foundation's mission. They decided to hire the first group of people who influenced them to get into the field of personal care service by hiring them as contractors. 

Since June, Chrysalis Spectrum Foundation has contracted, trained, and paid only individuals with disabilities. Andrew Hoang, an advocate for Autism, is CSF's first contractor and was trained to manage social media accounts. Douglas and Sigrid are contracted freelance writers who discuss their life experience, products, books, relationships, devices, and much more! Their perspective is valuable, unique, and needed. 

Chrysalis Spectrum Foundation's goal is to continue to create jobs, opportunities, and to be a resource for encouraging self-advocacy. 

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Alisa Elliot, Co-Founder

Current Programs

csf team writers

We help budding writers become freelance writers and post their articles where people just like them can read it. Each article is the author's world view about topics concerning their daily life. Each article is edited before posting and the word count needs to be at least 300 words. 

SOCIAL MEDIA management

Future Programs

We help businesses with their social media presence. CSF team writers will find and post specific articles, images, videos, and memes for businesses Monday - Friday at a reduced cost. Contact us to find out more info@chrysalisspectrum.com .

Spectrum of self-advocacy (sos)

Spectrum of Self-Advocacy (SOS) is a program that offers one-on-one mentorship for individuals with disabilities. We're currently seeking sponsorship for this program. It is a 12-week course where participants learn the fundamentals of self-advocacy. There are to dedicate one hour a week with a mentor virtually and occasionally in person. Participants receive compensation for their participation in the program and can obtain a certificate to re-teach what they learned and continue to earn money. 

aging gracefully with IDD

Aging Gracefully with IDD is a pilot project that provides short and long term respite at a vacation rental where the individual learns real world life skills and families gain access to information for transitioning into independent living.  CSF co-founder, Alisa Elliot, explains the purpose of the program in the video below. 

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Creating Jobs, Programs, & Opportunities for Inclusion & Independence