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Survivors Book One the Empty City by Erin Hunter

This story is about a lot of dogs. The main dog of the story is Lucky. It starts out by the time that he is born to his mother. Once that they are all born and they are a couple of weeks old. Lucky’s mother can only get them to fall asleep by telling them a story.

The story is about the wonderful pack of dogs called Storm of Dogs and they are combined with two other packs of dogs. They are called Earth-Dogs and Sky-Dogs. They start an adventure in this empty city because they do not know where their owners went to. So Lucky is trying to go to a place where he can be alone. Because he is a forest-dog. Forest-dogs like to be on their own in the world. But in this new world, they find out that they need to be a pack of dogs.

The way they get to eat food is by hunting for deer's, beetles, squirrels, and fish. At first, it starts out by only being Lucky on the adventure for going to the new world because the old world is empty. All the humans had left the old world and they did not take their dogs with them to the place that they went to. They also find a lot of different packs of dogs in each city that they travel to until the arrival in the new world where each pack of dogs is trying to get to. Because they all want to be together. Once that Lucky has already left the new world after dropping the pack of dogs that he took to the new world. Lucky has a dream that he needs to go back to the pack of dogs that he traveled with because he gets a sensation that says there is some danger coming to the new world.

Written By

Sigrid Herman

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