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Making Childhood Memories with my Family

Every Sunday my family and I would go to church in San Antonio at St. Benedict’s Catholic Church and afterward we would have lunch at my grandma’s house. When we finished eating, we sat and talked about what happened during the week. Sometimes we would take a road trip and drive through Stockdale and Floresville, Texas to see the beautiful countryside. Occasionally on Saturdays, we would visit my uncle at his house for lunch and I would watch my cousins play Nintendo.

I went with my aunt, uncle, their children, and my grandma to Corpus Christi, Texas several times to visit my grandpa’s family. We usually stop at the convenience store, our hallway to Corpus, to get snacks like Mountain Dew and Hostess cupcakes.

My grandpa’s family went with my mother’s family to Colorado and we stayed in a cabin. There were plenty of outdoor activities on the property for us to do.

My aunt and uncle moved to Louisiana so we would visit them frequently. We had to drive straight to their house without stopping to watch the tv show Knots Landing.

Please make your childhood memories and do activities with your kids and grandkids.

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