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How to Keep Yourself Calm

Updated: Nov 4, 2020

After I get out of bed every morning, I don’t like to turn on the tv while I am eating breakfast because it seems to get crazy when the cell phone rings and the tv is on, it’s like too many sounds are coming through my body. When I get finished with breakfast, I get on my computer and turn on my lava lamp. I like to stare at the floating lava because it makes me feel like I am underwater watching some jellyfish float. I keep my mind calm when I am on the internet planning some places to go to have fun; I like to go to the movies, out to eat, country concerts, the beach, museums, and anything visual that I can experience.

When I go outside, I like to watch the birds because I am curious about where they are going. When the sky is clear, I stare at it to make me feel like I am driving on an open road to somewhere that you can see the skyline in a city.

In the yard, I would like to have a fountain to watch the water trickle down. I like flowers to look at, especially some flowers that smell good. Everyday I try to find your happy place, I know it might be difficult; trust me I have days when I am ready to throw in the towel but I do something to get me out of the bad mood I am in. This world has many things to captivate you.

Written by Douglas Winkler

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