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CS Foundation Mission: To create a career path for young and middle aged adults with a disability to learn office assistant tasks that will increase employment sustainability and inclusion in the workplace.

How a Person with a Disability can Float on a Lazy River

Written by: Douglas Winkler

Word Count: 215

We heard about a place in San Antonio that is called the Hyatt Regency Hill Country Resort and Spa. It has a lazy river and mom wondered if I could float at the resort. Mom called the resort to find important information such as when is a good time to visit to avoid the crowds, is there a handicapped room available with two beds, and if it’s possible to check-in early and to check-out late so we don’t feel rushed.

The resort accommodated all of our requests. Mom called around the Houston area to find an inner tube with a curved headrest attached to it for me. We went to the resort and had a great time.

A few years after that, we heard about another Hyatt resort closer to us in Bastrop, Texas. My girlfriend and her caregiver went with us this time. Mom bought an inner tube just like mine for my girlfriend. After a day in the water, we got in our evening attire and went to dinner downstairs at the resort. My girlfriend and I sat up talking with our communicative devices for a while and then laid in bed and enjoyed each other’s company.

Please make time to enjoy fun things and visit new places especially with your significant other.

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