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A Christmas gift of a lifelong friendship.

I owned a miniature Schnauzer named Jeremiah and we called him Jerry, his nickname. Jerry was a surprise Christmas gift from my brother, Guillermo. My brother gave me Jerry when mom and I were in Guatemala for the holidays. Guillermo chose the best present for us, because I was having a rough time with my parent’s divorce.

Jerry was a Guatemalan Schnauzer and two months old when I received him. After the holidays, we flew back in an airplane to Houston. Jerry was lucky because he had two moms, me and my loving and adoring mother. Jerry would love to sleep on our pillows in our beds. Often times, when we returned home from shopping, I would find Jerry on a pillow in my room. He was the best dog that I could ever have had, and he lived a happy life.

Jerry was very silly and sweet. He often enjoyed his time on the couch where he would always have his head hanging off the couch. He often destroyed his toys on the same day that we bought it for him. He loved giving me kisses and playing tug a war with me.

Jerry ended up with the Lord Jesus Christ at the age of 12, in dog years. Unfortunately, he was put to sleep this summer because he suffered from anal gland cancer. My time with Jerry taught me how to give a dog a good and fun life.

Rest in Peace Jerry Herman.

Written by:

Sigrid Herman

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