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Road Trip to Fredericksburg and Kerrville, TX

Updated: Oct 15, 2020

Before going on a road trip to Fredericksburg and Kerrville, TX, I need to pack the things to bring such as clothes, personal hygiene items, Nintendo Switch, and some snacks. We started our road trip by stopping at a Pho restaurant in Bellaire. While riding I enjoyed listening to music. Next, we made a quick stop at Bucky’s gas station to use the restroom. Luckily, I don’t get car sick when we’re taking a long drive.

On the way there, we stopped at the Fat Ranch and Winery to look at the famous wines. While we were in Fredericksburg, we walked around the town and took in the scenic view.

We made sure to have our face mask available prior to stopping at the stores. Afterward, we ate at a restaurant called Rathskeller. I ordered a chicken fried steak and it was delicious.

We stayed at the Hampton Inn in Kerrville. The hotel looked fascinating and it had a swimming pool, a pretty dining area, and the rooms were nice.

The next day, while in Kerrville, we visited The Coming Sculpture Prayer Gardens to see the amazing sculpture of the cross and Jesus. Then after that, we went to the James Avery Jewelry Museum to look at the history of they created the jewelry. Next, we ate at a Thai restaurant called, Thai Ocha, where they served Thai cuisines. After we finished lunch, we went on a nature trail and saw a lot of deer. Then we went back to the hotel to go swimming. For dinner, we ate at Billy Gene’s restaurant.

During our last day in Kerrville, we went to the garden center to buy some flowers.

Overall, it was a great trip and experience and I highly recommend visiting Kerrville and Fredericksburg because it’s two of the greatest small towns in Texas

Written by:

Andrew Hoang

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