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How a Person Can Watch a Movie Online with a Friend

Updated: Nov 20, 2020

By: Douglas Winkler

Est: 11/02/2020

WC: 249

I am going to tell you how to watch a movie through a Google Chrome extension. You will need a Google Chrome internet browser and a web camera that is installed on a computer or a laptop.

1. First, make sure the camera is working then you will need an online subscription to either one of these; Netflix’s, Disney+, Hulu, HBO Max, Funimation, Vimeo, Amazon Prime, Alamo On-Demand, or Shudder. (On Amazon Prime, you can only play free movies).

2. Open your Chrome browser and complete a search for scenery extension Google web store. When the search page comes up, click the link that says Virtual Movie Theater – Scenery and then click on the add chrome extension.

3. Close your browser and reopen it. On the web address menu bar, there will be a button that looks like a puzzle piece click on it, and select scenery.

4. Click on host a watch party and choose a private watch party and then you will be able to see yourself on the camera and click done.

5. Go to the top of the scene extension and click Select Service and choose what movie service you made the account with.

6. On the screen extension click Copy Activation Link and give it to the person who is watching the movie with you. You can also right-click and click paste the link to your video companions.

7. Log into your account and pick a movie and then click play.

Have fun!!

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